Children’s Day Celebrations on 26th November 2010: This was done as usual in Sri Venkateswara Telugu School Nungambakkam Chennai.  The children participated in the games with so much enthusiasm. It was a visual treat to see those children from a very modest background with such good discipline thanks to the excellent training given by the humble teachers and the management.  The members participated in the celebrations were Smt. Ranjani Narayanan, Smt. Sujatha Ramesh Babu, Smt. Neeraja Vasanth, Smt. Shantha Sridhar, Smt. Santha Venkatakrishna, Smt. Saroj. V. Guruswamy, Smt. Janaki Dwarakanath, Smt. Calve Sumathi Ramakrishnan.  The children were given prizes, gifts and snacks at the end of the celebrations.

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