Brick and mortar do no make a building. We need workers, planners and executors for an elegant and functional finished product. Similarly our chairpersons had a congregation of willing women, with ideology and resources to work with. With their strong personalities, they were able to make the sabha a cohesive unit. Started in 1983, the sabha took the shape under the leadership of the following trend setters.

Smt. Shantha G.K. Shetty
The founder chairperson of TNAVMS, Madras Unit, has been an inspiring force in steering the sabha towards the upliftment of the Vysya community. A builder, an educationist and an advisor to many charities, her philanthropy is phenomenal. Temple renovations, hospital wards, educational institutions, where ever there is a need for improvemement, she presented herself with dedication and empathy. A role model to all the mahilas.

Smt. P. Kala Bhashyam
She has done it all! From committee member, board member, Vice Chairperson, Chairperson and advisor to Founder President, she has donned all these roles in various institutions and performed with élan. TNAVMS was geared to a high level of performance under long chairpersonship of six years. A khazana of information, in times of dilemma, we look up to her for guidance and are always enriched by her eloquence and experience.

Smt. V. Lalitha Sudhakar
From a homemaker in a traditional jewelers family to the chairperson of the thousand member strong TNAVMS is a fine example of simple living and high thinking. Her successful holding of a car rally is a feat unmatched till date. She is a regular blood donor. Deeply religious, is actively involved in several religious and service projects. Dignity and devotion personified, she has been a positive influence on the young and the old in our sabha.

Smt. Vummidi Jayalakshmi Kuppuraj
Cosmopolitan and savvy, she brought vibrancy to our sabha in the years 1995 – 1997. Under her chairpersonship, TNAVMS became a pacesetter in the city with an Ikebana Show, inaugurated by the Consular of Japan, in Chennai and two theme fashion shows organized during the Akarshana – Coffee morning. An active business woman in the field of jewellery for two and a half decades, now her interests are in fine arts and culinary sections which are being enjoyed by her family and friends.

Smt. V. Shantha Sridhar
Indian culture, spirituality and religion are her forte. Her tenure as chairperson is marked by compassion for the economically backward women of our community. Under her guidance we conduct the Deepalakshmi pooja at SKPD in the month of Adi and the nellichettu pooja at Prasanna Venkateswara temple in Periamet in the month of Karthika with devotion. She makes the children’s day memorable for the poor school children of the Telugu school. She has been the Lady Vice President of the South India Vysya Association in the seventies and the only lady Trustee in the Pappuchetty Raghaviah Chetty Charities from the late eighties till date. Honoring her is an honor for us.

Smt. M. Sukumari Venugopal
Methodical and perfectionist in all the projects she takes up, she looks into the last minute detail. A dancer with many performances to her credit, she had the committee members willingly dancing in step with her, for all her initiatives. The Kuthuvilakku pooja of July 2000 had a thousand and eight sumangalis chanting with devotion at the Kuchalambal Kalyana Mahal, Chetpet. Our Arya Vysya Matrimonial services under her management had united many men and women in wedlocks. We look forward to her guidance in all our endeavours.

Smt. M. Meera Sekar
Her voice and her diction are a treat to the ears of both the veterans and the uninitiated in the Indian religious discourses. She is an authority to herself in telugu language. The rituals of our religion, when explained by her make sense and encourage us to follow them. A playwright with awards to her credit, she promotes the learning of the telugu language. Always attentive and pleasant, her Chairmanship is credited with encouraging the young talent.

Smt. K.Srilakshmi Mohan Rao
She packs a 72-hour activity in a 24-hour day. She is an indefatigable social worker. Woman empowerment is very close to her heart. Self help groups and vocational training have been a priority for her. TNAVMS secured a roof of its own under her chairpersonship. Her tenacity for fulfillment of this project has to be seen to be believed. Practical in approach to any issue, she brought the corporate culture to our committee. Credibility and responsibility are the by-words for her management skills.

Smt. M. Vaijayanthi Bashyakarlu
She is bundle of energy with faith in Perumal. She involves herself deeply into all aspects of social work, be it destitute home / child welfare. Our mahila sabha is credited with tree planting and many health camps under her disciplined guidance.

Smt. Mallika Badrinath
She is a renowned culinary queen, author of 23 cookery books, a popular TV show host; recipient of many awards is a popular figure need no introduction. In spite her busy schedules, she took the sabha to newer heights during her tenure. The silver jubilee celebrations was the highlight where 25 eminent women of various fields were honored and 25 service projects were done. With her politeness and charm she won the hearts of the people.

Knowing is not enough, we must apply
Willing is not enough, we must do
Our past chairpersons not only preached it, but also practiced it. Hence we are not just a ‘glass and chrome’ in a concrete jungle, but a heritage building that the whole community can take pride in.

Mrs. Sunitha Ajit
Vice Chairperson


Founder President (State Level): Mrs. Saroja V. Guruswamy., M.A., DBM., DIM., DIV.,

Founder Chairperson
TNAVMS (Madras Unit): Mrs. Shanta G.K. Shetty
Hony. Secretary: Mrs. Rekah Shetty
Hony. Jt. Secretary: Mrs. Sukumari Venugopal
Hony. Treasurer: Mrs. Thripurasundari Venkatachalam
Hony. Jt. Secretary: Mrs. Sowjanya Narayana Guptha
Vice Chairperson: Mrs. Kala Bhashyam
Vice Chairperson: Mrs. Kamala Devi
Vice Chairperson: Mrs. Mallika Sagar
Vice Chairperson: Mrs. Nirmala Mohan Rao


Mrs. Hamsa Anandakrishna
Mrs. A. Sathyavathi
Mrs. Janaki Dwarakanath
Mrs. A. Shantha Sridhar
Mrs. Kalavathi Mohan
Mrs. V. Yadugiri Sridhar
Mrs. N. Laskhmi Kantham
Mrs. Jayalakshmi Kuppuraj
Mrs. V. Lalitha Sudhakar
Mrs. Rukmani Sukumar
Mrs. Mallika Badrinath
Mrs. Anasuya Venugopal
Mrs. Meera Sekar
Mrs. P. Shantha Bai
Mrs. V. Rajalakshmi Nandagopal
Mrs. Vasumathi Sridhar
Mrs. A. Shantha Padmanabhan
Mrs. C.P. Vardhini Prabhakar
Mrs. Saroja Sethu
Mrs. P. Vedavalli


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